Frequently asked questions

What does Bilderlings provide?

What are the goals of Bilderlings?

How much do Bilderlings services cost?

Bilderlings provides a bank account, enabling access to a convenient, high-tech private capital management system. Assets on your Bilderlings account are held with our partner Baltikums Bank. Bilderlings renders all other services, including: international corporate entity and trust solutions;  opening and administrating bank accounts worldwide; attracting funding for business and wealth enhancement; placing fiduciary deposits; establishing and assisting family offices; building and maintaining private yachts and real estate; operations with physical gold; property and life insurance services; consolidation of assets; projects and reports management with advanced mobile and online banking software and other helpful IT solutions.

As our number one goal, we prioritise helping you protect and enhance your welfare in the long term. We believe that successful clients deserve greater freedom in managing private, family and enterprise capital, they are entitled to a higher level of comfort and control. Therefore, we provide and develop our flexible platform of client services, provided by Bilderlings alongside leading international financial organisations and special-purpose companies in more than 30 different countries. To complement this offering, we streamline private capital management solutions and offer state of the art IT products to enhance your asset control, consolidation and management capabilities.

We can operate under any service compensation agreement that considers our contribution and accountability. A major part of our work is involved in consulting, organisation and management of complex and large-scale projects, and ongoing property service. Our services are compensated based on time invested, the qualifications of specialists attracted, and as a fixed agreement price considering our added value. Asset management services are compensated on an administration (advisory) fee basis. Third party service providers may settle with us using income from transactions actually performed on your behalf. Please contact us to receive our current pricelist.

What are the criteria for selecting private wealth management service providers to feature in our global product and service platform?

We study the market, comparing each supplier’s price offers, service conditions and quality against our criteria and best practice on the market.

As a result, you may rest assured that each service provider meets our expectations in each of the following niches, and you will receive the best offer based on a range of reliability, service quality and profitability criteria:

Financial reliability, reputation of each service provider at the highest level

Professional, convenient and accessible service 

Service conditions and quality: good pricing, convenient and attentive service 

We regularly obtain independent valuations of a company’s ability to settle its financial obligations and remain stable.

We also verify that each service provider’s professionalism, principles, and practice of operation with high net worth individuals meets the highest standards in the industry.

Each service provider must have highly professional staff ready to settle client requests quickly and efficiently.

We value the convenience, accessibility and technological proficiency of services provided.

We evaluate the efficiency and satisfaction of our clients based on each company’s client service history.

We compare each service provider’s pricing policy to market prices in order to verify their competitive performance.

We also regularly study other important supplier conditions within each service type.

We conduct an annual survey of our clients, asking them about the quality of service at various companies, comparing their performance against the level of service in our pool of suppliers.

How does it work?

We offer you a choice of cooperation options; the value and potential inherent to each of them have been praised by our clients.

Bilderlings client account 

Become a client by signing up for a Bilderlings bank account and rely on recommendations, our global product and service platform, and service by expert Client Relationship Directors.

Highly qualified experts will assist you with assessing wealth management needs and develop recommendations to suit your profile, including: financial, property, and tax planning; private banking services; investment management; administrative services, private infrastructure management and budgeting.

Bilderlings Family Office programme 

Become a member of this programme by concluding a family office agreement with provision of full or selective services devoted to management of your family fortune.

We will help you establish a family office in the EU, Switzerland, or any other country of your choice, assign you a Client Relationship Director and provide all-inclusive support on any matters you wish to address.

We can also assume management of your existing family office, holding or finance management company.

Bilderlings Multi-Family Office programme

Become a member of the Bilderlings Multi-Family Office programme by concluding an agreement on provision of all-encompassing family fortune management services. This solution accesses the expertise and service quality you require and bears significantly lower expenses compared to retaining a dedicated office or finance management company of your own.

We will assign you a Client Relationship Director, connect you to our multi-family office platform, and offer all kinds of service on account of your needs and preferences.

If you wish to expand your cooperation options, please contact us to draw up a bespoke programme that will incorporate your special requests and function based on your personal priorities.