Successful families and individuals overcome market, finance and personal challenges to achieve business viability and maintain their fortunes over generations. Our team is proud to participate in preserving and increasing the capital of our clients, organising wealth management as a convenient, flexible and efficient process.

Financial and Wealth Management Services


Wealth management services

An all-inclusive offering that leverages an open platform of products and services

Bilderlings offers a bank account with international payment card and service provided by our european bank-partner, as well as wealth review, corporate and fiduciary advisory services. We offer opening bank accounts and credit solutions for your core business, liquid assets, or long-term project commitments and access to the whole market through Bilderlings as bank and credit intermediary and the Bilderlings panel.
We offer an array of investment management services, business and financial advisory, fiduciary deposits, transactions with physical gold from across the market through Bilderlings and the Bilderlings panel.
Establishment and administration of international trusts, private foundations, holding companies, as well as consulting services, providing protection of assets and wealth structuring with the collaboration of Bilderlings and its international partners.

Family Office services  

All-encompassing programs and administrative services for family wealth

This is a holistic set of services that allows an independent family office to be integrated into our Multi-family platform, reducing the burden of expenses while maintaining excellent service quality. With Bilderlings, you share fixed costs with other participating families, your variable costs are charged as you go and all your costs are predictable. A comprehensive program is also available for establishing and servicing a new single family office, with a full-scale or partial advisory and support services, as required.
Administration of corporate entities, trusts, bank accounts, compliance and regulatory issues, budget expenses, coordination of tax-related and legal matters, consolidation of reporting and record-keeping, and risk management.
Building and management of private yachts, real estate projects and properties; educational workshops and training; wealth reviews, analysis of liquidity requirements, and long-term goals.

FinTech services

Payment service provider, insurance broker and online business support

Do you have a project in the e-commerce area for your private or family businesses? Bilderlings Pay is universally suited for managing projects with any degree of complexity remotely – from anywhere in the world. An excellent tool for integrating your business and wealth to the world of internet and mobile payments.
Bilderlings Digital – high-tech IT company that will help you to create an online business from scratch. We offer design and development of modern sites of any complexity, online and offline marketing support, promotion of the product on the advertising platform and a number of other tools for your online business.
Bilderlings Insurance – technologically advanced insurance broker, offering convenient, affordable and reliable solutions in the areas of business risk management and capital ownership.

About Us

Bilderlings is an international group of companies in the financial sector and wealth management. By combining advanced technology, expertise and capital, we assist clients from Europe, Russia and other states and make a major long-term contribution to their prosperity.
Bilderlings Europe

Bilderlings operates in the wealth management industry and trades investment gold in EU. Bilderlings is presented in three countries:

UK: Bilderlings Pay Ltd.

Cyprus: Bilderlings Wealth Ltd.

Latvia: Bilderlings Wealth, SIA; Bilderlings Digital, SIA; Bilderlings Pay, SIA.

Regulation: Bilderlings Pay, SIA is registered in FKTK Finanšu un kapitāla tirgus komisija (Financial and capital market commission).

Bilderlings Pay Ltd is a payment institution and electronic money issuer licensed by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Bilderlings Switzerland

Bilderlings group in Switzerland is represented by Bilderlings Trust Company AG which offers high net worth individuals and families with an international presence the services of a trust manager, family office administrator, and investment manager.

Regulation: Bilderlings Trust Company AG is a member of SRO SAAM (Swiss Association of Asset Managers) which is subject to supervision by FINMA (the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority).

Bilderlings Russia

Wealth management services are provided by Russia-based Bilderlings LLC. Risk and insurance broker advisory services are rendered by Bilderlings Insurance Brokers LLC.

Regulation: Bilderlings Insurance Brokers LLC is regulated by The Central Bank of the Russian Federation.


From entrepreneur to wealth manager

Bilderlings is rooted in the investment activities of its founder Alexander Peshkov. In 1991, Alexander invested capital in a private shipping company and trading house. He sold off millions in accumulated assets in the late 90s to invest the proceeds in a family business in the financial sector.

In 1998, the founder of Bilderlings participated in the purchase of a Latvian investment company from SEB Group, using it as the foundation for establishing the Baltikums private bank in 2001 as a Bilderlings partner. Baltikums Bank became the first private bank in Latvia to specialise in servicing private and family capital.

Opening the first professional family office in the Baltics 

Bilderlings launched its operations in Latvia in the year 2006, specialising in advisory and asset management for a family office – namely, Alexander Peshkov Family Holdings. Later, the company received offers from several partners and independent clients, expanding its activities to servicing numerous entities as a professional family office provider.


Establishing an international financial group – Bilderlings Group 

In 2014, Bilderlings Trust Company received the license of an independent asset manager in Switzerland. International brand and the group of companies is continuing its development in the field of financial services and wealth management, providing its customers with services and solutions with high reliability, freedom of choice and technology.


Obtaining licenses of payment institution and electronic money in the UK

In 2016, Bilderlings Pay Ltd received licenses of the payment institution and the issuer of electronic money in the UK. The company provides a wide range of e-commerce services that are suitable for any type of online business. In the future, the company is planning to establish a payment platform that combines various ways of accepting and transferring funds, converting currencies, providing clients with bank accounts and other related payment products.

Bilderlings Management

 Bilderlings’ key managers, qualified to lead the most complicated projects


Alexander Peshkov


Bilderlings Holdings


Executive Director

Wealth Management Services

Bilderlings Wealth


Member Board  of Directors, CFO

Bilderlings Trust Company AG 


Head of Trusts

Bilderlings Trust Company AG


CEO Bilderlings Trust Company AG

Chief Investment Officer

Bilderlings Wealth


Member of the Board

Bilderlings Digital


General Director

Bilderlings Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Client Service 

  • Supporting and coordinating relations with all service providers in wealth management.
  • Administration of corporate entities, trusts and funds engaged in a private and family wealth management infrastructure.
  • Ensuring custom banking service and technical expertise, asset and wealth management infrastructure administration.
  • Advising about wealth planning and structuring (drafting wealth management, life and property insurance, inheritance plans).
  • Organising legal support for client infrastructure (agreements, corporate management and dispute resolution, fiduciary and administrative matters of operational property management etc.).

  • Planning wealth protection through corporate and holding entities, trusts, private funds, fiduciary agreements and partnerships.
  • Advisory, assistance with organisation and use of trusts, private funds and fiduciary vehicles, maintaining requisite communications with each process participant.
  • Administration of enterprise, family offices, all sorts of trusts and fiduciary entities.
  • Acting as a protector, trustor, representative of the client’s interests in transactions with third parties.
  • Advice and assistance in establishing and implementing charity projects.
  • Support for transferring property through inheritance.

  • Organisation and mutual settlement of corporate bills, private expenses and family needs (as instructed by our clients).
  • Coordinating resolution of matters of financing with lending and investment units of a bank.
  • Coordinating cooperation with tax advisors and auditors.
  • Financial administration and control (regular payments, private or family office services, financial accounting, tax returns).

  • Financial planning: analysis, monitoring and survey of the client’s financial and non-financial assets.
  • Defining investment goals and tolerable risk.
  • Selecting strategies, investment theses, financial instruments in cooperation with a bank’s investment and portfolio managers and third party experts.
  • Selecting portfolio administrators and investment managers for a specific class of assets (either internal or external – investment funds, real estate, structured products, hedge funds, direct investment).
  • Controlling accurate allocation of investment portfolio assets on account of the client’s investment goals.

  • Technical support, assistance, coordination of work with units that support the client and their partners.
  • Participation in operational finance planning.
  • Involvement in monitoring and accounting of investment and joint investment.
  • Drafting client reports, internal control and compliance management.


Bilderlings Europe

Smilsu iela 8

Riga, Latvia, LV-1050

+371 67220577

Bilderlings Switzerland

Freundenbergstrasse 94

Zurich, Switzerland, CH-8044

+41 791043505

Bilderlings Russia

Krutickiy Val 16, office 205,

Moscow, Russia, 109044

+7(495) 7485636

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